Month: August 2011


Here’s the teaser played in the VMA’s yesterday:

I’ve been playing this over and over again! I know it’s not much and it’s quite disappointing to have just a minute of a peek to my most anticipated movie so far, but it’s better than nothing, right? It’s quite short but for me, it’s so powerful. I mean, Jennifer Lawrence IS Katniss Everdeen. No doubt about it! It’s radiating through her whole physique. The way she holds her bow and arrows and the strong hold of her eyes just killed me! She really got it! And I’m just thrilled to hear Rue’s four-note whistle. by the end of the video. I’ll be patiently waiting for the next trailer. I know that the upcoming would showcase the other characters. I’m marking my calendar already! I just hope that the showing in the US would be matched here in the Philippines. Or if it’s possible, earlier please? 🙂


The Hunger Games Trilogy

Okay, so I was a bit unsatisfied with the trailer the VMA’s has shown for The Hunger Games. It only lasted for a minute and an extra 5 seconds. Well, at least I got a peek of the arena and of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in action. I barely slept a wink just to catch the first teaser. So, yeah. A bit unsatisfied but the yearning to see more really increased!

I went to the mall after watching to have lunch and do some personal grooming with my older sister. While waiting for her and since I’ve been talking her into buying me the last book of the trilogy, Mockingjay, I looked into it at the bookstores. Luckily, I found a very reasonable price for the book set in paperback. There were only two sets in display so we bought one after she was finished in the salon.

I was seriously hugging the set while strolling! Last time I’ve been like this was during the Harry Potter books peak. I’m just waiting for March 2012 to see the first installment in the silver screen. I do hope that it would not stray much from its roots since Suzanne Collins, the author, plays part in the making of this yet another milestone in Hollywood.

Hunger Games [SNEAK PEEK]

Guilty as charged! I so love the Hunger Games. I actually just finished the second book, Catching Fire. See, this Suzanne Collins’ piece of work is a trilogy — Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I thought of Google-ing for the trailer of the first installment since its movie adaptation is due on March. At the same time, I tweeted about how much I wanna see the sneak peek. Just in time, @TheHungerGames has retweeted tweets from @mtvnews as the first EVER official sneak peek of the much awaited movie is going to be featured at this year’s Video Music Awards! It’s already Aug 29, 5 hours before the anticipated star-studded awards night! I seriously can’t wait to see it! Here’s the teaser from MTV:

I’ve been meaning to write a book review about the Hunger Games but I still haven’t drafted any since I’m trying to attack a different approach. 🙂

The Voice

The Voice blew me away with its first two episodes! It offers a fresh experience in singing reality competitions. We’ve got too many vocal face-offs in the world, but all lies in a common concept. However, The Voice, which originates in Holland, gives us a brand new style.

The Idol and Got Talent franchises are undeniably the most famous of its kind having many localized versions around the world. It’s got the traditional concept of a singing contest. People come to audition in front of the panel of judges. When get picked, the person rises up to the subsequent level until he/she reaches the finale. The new approach The Voice has is that, instead of judges, hopefuls perform to coaches. Of course, before they reach this stage, they have passed the preliminary auditions. The title speaks for itself as the aspiring singers belt out while the coaches sit with their back on them. When a specific coach wants the singer top be part of his/her team, a button will be pressed. That will be the only moment they will see who’s singing. This is a competition of pure talent as looks really doesn’t play much importance. After the Blind Auditions, one member of each team is going to compete on the Battle Round. This is the face-off part. Exciting! Two contestants are going to sing the same song. This goes on until the coaches are left with 4 members. And the voting power now goes to the viewing public.

Well, as a personal opinion, this is a lot better than the usual. It empowers the hopefuls. When more than one coach pressed the button, the hopeful has the power to choose one of them. And when the team is already complete, they will be personally trained by their coach. This is a competition with some sort of a heart. It doesn’t crush any soul in the process, as I see it. The approach it uses is inclined on the positive note. Here, instead of harsh judgments, motivation emanates from knowing that there are people who’ll help. Its focus is on building a character, a good character.

It’s funny to watch that the competition is evident more on the coaches than on the contestants. I love the friendly competition firing up between Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera. Their task is not to judge but to teach, a hands-on training to be given by the coach. The pilot season in the States is already over and obviously, I know who the winner is by now. But, I still wanna watch every episode of this show to see if it holds on to my impression. As I said, I’ve only seen the first two episodes of The Voice, but apparently, I wrote quite a long review.

I’m glad it has already been picked up for a second season! And the quartet (Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine) are all be back! 🙂


Yesterday, I went to the Ateneo de Manila University with fellow Thomasians to participate in the ADMU-UST Trade-Off 2011. We were basically exchange students for a day as we explore the campus and get a feel of how student life is in the Blue Eagle headquarters.

The day started out way early for me. I felt like a freshman traveling to UST then to Ateneo in the morning since as a senior, most of my classes are in the afternoon. We, the seniors, arrived in the Ateneo earlier than the lower years. The facilitators warmly welcomed us and ushered us to the room they have reserved for this activity. Shortly, the program started even with the absence of other Thomasian students. We went out after a brief introduction and took a tour around the big campus. It was very tiring since most of the places we went to are far from each other. And there are some we’ve visited twice since we were regrouped. Half past twelve in the afternoon, we attended the Macroecon class of Mr. Luis Dumlao. We were so sleepy (sorry :D). But I managed to keep my eyes open and kinda listen to the lecture. I already took the course last year but I’ve learned something new with Mr. Dumlao’s lecture. After the one-hour class, we continued with the last leg of the tour.

My favorite part of the day was, of course, the class we attended. It was a brief lecture but I enjoyed it. Also, I loved the church part of the tour. I am Catholic, but not religious. The Church of Gesu has got itself some unique set-up with its pyramid facade. The solemnity inside was just overwhelming. And who could ignore the big stone just beside the entrance where the holy water overflows?

Though exhausting, I enjoyed the whole day as the Atenean facilitators were so accommodating. They are very humble people. I am unsurprised by this coz I have a friend who’s an Atenean. I am very glad I was a part of this endeavor. It’s a unique experience. I’m all praises to the Ateneo community, specifically the Ateneo Economics Association. The Blue Eagle spirit is very much felt wherever you go in the campus.

But, of course, I am still a Thomasian. And I am proud of it.

Mr. Dumlao’s endnote in his lecture: Dominicans put all the money in a hole. All money inside the hole are for God while the excess are for the Dominicans. However, the Jesuits throw all money to the heavens above. And they pray, ‘Lord, take all the money you want.’. Everything that falls down are for the Jesuits. 😀