Captain America: 6/10

Since my prof had cancelled our class earlier today, my sister and I hit the movies to see Captain America. As I tweeted last night, I’ve received some fair comments from some of my friends saying that it’s not good enough and it’s not a superhero movie everyone’s expecting. Despite all that, I thought I needed to see it myself to see what it has to offer.

Out of ten, I give the movie a six. It’s a total cliche for me. Given its long standing storyline, I know it should be expected. But, there is no magic in the way it was presented. Effects are obviously unreal like the train scene where Steve’s friend James fell into the mountains. The background appears so animated. Also, the transformation scene where Steve’s lying and he’s talking to Dr. Erskine, Steve’s face is so obvious to be different from its body. Maybe it’s an angle problem but it sure had been a buzz kill, really. I didn’t even feel the climax of the movie. Fight scenes were good. It didn’t made my jaw drop, though.

On the positive note, I am so thrilled to see some familiar faces in the movie portraying roles they usually don’t do. Neal McDonough plays Timothy Dugan, one of the members of Captain America’s squad. He plays the good guy here unlike bad guy roles in the movie Street Fighter: Chun-Li and the TV series Desperate Housewives. Also, one of my favorite actors plays an important role here, Stanley Tucci, as Dr. Abraham Erkine. It’s so unlikely to see him a straight guy since he played creative director Nigel in The Devil Wears Prada and Cher’s best friend Sean in Burlesque. He’s a great actor, indeed! And, of course, who could’ve miss David Bradley in the opening of the film? He played as the creepy, cat-loving Argus Filch in Harry Potter.

To add, the last scene got me! It made me want to watch The Avengers already! A cliffhanger, the movie is! What happened during the 70 years drift off of Steve? What about his date with Peggy? Lastly, what happens when all avengers unite?

To cap it off, the movie isn’t bad. But, it isn’t SO good either. In the last 30 minutes of the movie, the power went off inside the movie house prolly due to the heavy rains outside. There’s not much of a talk after. No wow impact. But, still, lessons have been learned afterwards. Never give up even when punches hit your face from anywhere. The disadvantaged is not always the loser. Most importantly, be who you are and keep you feet in the ground no matter how better your life has been.


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