Silent Stream

Seldom do I sincerely enjoy a Filipino song to the core. Today is that once in a blue moon moment. If not because of my Ethics examination earlier today, I would have not come across to this wonderful OPM song which speaks for me now.

I never thought that this song would hit me as much as it did. So after singing it in front of the class (should I say, to myself rather coz they told me my voice was so low), I explained the message behind in relation to Filipino Ethics.

It just came to me instantaneously. The river symbolizes the stream of tears in the cheeks coming down from the eyes. The song is about the pain of someone who’s been taken for granted, someone who’s been waiting to be noticed. A heartbreak message was embedded in this slow rock-themed song.

In Filipino ethics, being forgone or being taken for granted is the most painful thing to do. It’s damn right! Most especially when everyday, you see the person who used to be with you and you can’t do the usual things you did before. Everything has changed. It’s as if you’re strangers. Worse, it’s as if you don’t exist anymore.

My professor asked me if I have been taken for granted at one point in my life. Yes, I answered. With my head held high.  But, my insides are crumbling I thought I’d break down. I felt my tears jerking up. But I just smiled ’til I reached my chair. I was able to keep myself together. It got me thinking, though. Was I able to send the message?

I don’t know. All I ought to do now is just let the stream flow silently until it dries. Screaming out loud would do no good. No one hears. Even my silence is never heard. It’s a dead end. In solitude, I think, I’m going to find peace eventually. I just have to wait.

It’s hard. It’s excruciatingly painful to live everyday not mattering to the person who was once there beside you. But, life goes on even when going on means you have to crawl up to get back on your feet.


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