Lately – Stefano Langone (American Idol 10 Top 13)

This Stevie Wonder original leveled up the game for Stefano. I was rooting for him alongside Casey Abrams in the onset of the competition. This rendition is one of the riskiest I have heard. As what J. Lo said, doing a remix of a known ballad is no easy task. And Stefano definitely killed it as the audience grooved with him.

Use Somebody – Pixie Lott

The British accent put some exquisite flavor in this Kings of Leon hit song. Pixie Lott has made her own trademark in this song, almost making it her own.

Rolling in the Deep – Boyce Avenue

Adele is very hard to sing! That’s for sure. Unsurprisingly, Boyce Avenue made a decent cover out of 21’s Rolling in the Deep. The raspy voice of Alejandro puts an edge in this version, making it a little more manly.

I Need You Now – Stefano Langone (American Idol 10 Wildcard Round)

This one gives me goosebumps everytime! This is Stefano’s saving performance as he was picked as one of the Wild Card contestants afterwards. Such a clever choice! This is sung originally by Smokey Norful. His soul has been fully lifted up and touched each and everyone in the audience.

Where the Streets Have No Name – 30 Seconds to Mars

I can’t find a video of this, sad.:( However, audio is awesome. Jared Leto’s take on this U2 original gives me goosebumps with the chorale singing in the background. It’s got a gospel-y feel which makes it impossible for anyone to hate it.

Bad Romance – 30 Seconds to Mars

30 Seconds to Mars sang Lady Gaga! This is like the coolest cover of Bad Romance. The band need not do a lot to this great song as they made it their own. It’s cult-like! Oh, and the drums! Shannon has done a pretty good job!


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