Hunger Games [SNEAK PEEK]

Guilty as charged! I so love the Hunger Games. I actually just finished the second book, Catching Fire. See, this Suzanne Collins’ piece of work is a trilogy — Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I thought of Google-ing for the trailer of the first installment since its movie adaptation is due on March. At the same time, I tweeted about how much I wanna see the sneak peek. Just in time, @TheHungerGames has retweeted tweets from @mtvnews as the first EVER official sneak peek of the much awaited movie is going to be featured at this year’s Video Music Awards! It’s already Aug 29, 5 hours before the anticipated star-studded awards night! I seriously can’t wait to see it! Here’s the teaser from MTV:

I’ve been meaning to write a book review about the Hunger Games but I still haven’t drafted any since I’m trying to attack a different approach. 🙂


One comment

  1. ahh, this movie’s going to rock! Is the camera work a little wierd in the trailer though? It looks a little amateur. But i’m still optimistic that the movie’s going to be awesome. With all the cool actors that they’ve booked, it’s got to be awesome.

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