On Being Lost…

It’s been cold. It’s made my knees weak and my bones brittle. Walking down the pavement is almost next to impossibility. Aside from the aches, I  see no light, no direction. I am lost. And frail.

This has been my state since the heat of summer. At first, I managed to get by. But, the emptiness has gotten the best of me. I started feeling out of place. I started shunning from people around. My focus has been shaken up since. I was disincentivized.

I just wanna stay put. I don’t wanna move in this labyrinth of suffering and discomfort. Every move I make only causes more sears.

I’m almost at my breaking point. Trying to fill up the hole with something else has not helped. Everywhere, I felt like I’m no good.

Still, I know I will be okay. But it won’t be soon.



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