Sure Looks Good to Me

Life is a constant struggle to become better. But in the course, we are met by a lot of obstacles. There are times when we feel like giving up so we weep for every little hurt to melt. Seldom we are really enlightened by the reason why such sad experiences happen. Or is it just because we are blindfolded by the emotion rushing and eating our whole sanity?

You see, there are people who evidently are weak. People who resort into killing their own lives, people who shun from the help of the Higher Being or of the people surrounding them. I, myself, am not that strong but, in all the wrongs (so I think) that has happened in my life, I always believe that there are reasons behind them. I know I am not just speaking for myself here when I say that sometimes we gotta look at the bigger picture to answer our endless why’s. Or it can be the other way around.

This Alicia Keys song SURE LOOKS GOOD TO ME is one of my favorite songs of all time. This last cut from her As I Am album talks about the positive perception towards the bad things that occur in one’s life no matter how painful and inescapable it may get. The inserted video in this post inspired me to write this. Since I heard this song, it has become my own external source of strength as its words are full of encouraging thoughts. This basically speaks about “to never be afraid to fall”, as what A. Keys said in the clip. It is inevitable in one’s life to experience his lowest moments, but isn’t it that these pages in our lives are the same as what make us stronger and better?

The key solution to overcoming depressing lows in our lives is simply to untie the blindfold and face, deal and learn from it. Face it with your head held high. Deal with it with broad understanding. Learn from it so by the time you come across it again, you know what to do. And, I think it’s better if you have your own ‘somebody’ who’s there with you no matter what. It sure does not need to be a special someone. It can be your family or a friend. We will only be accepting the freedom to fall if we are assured that there is someone who is there to catch us.


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