NBI Clearance

I was surprised by how fast I got my NBI clearance. It only took me an hour! This is a milestone for the bureau, seriously. I remember the first time I queued up for the document. It took me almost half a day. I am happy and satisfied with how efficient it is now.

I recommend for those who’s going to get their own clearances to go to Robinson’s Otis near Pandacan, Manila. To get there, you need to ride the LRT and alight at U.N. Avenue. From there, you can  ride a tricycle, or more popularly know as kuliglig up to Robinson’s Otis. Fare is P10 only.Once inside the mall, go to the second floor. The NBI Clearance Center is located at the far-right end of the mall. It is located one store away from CD-R King (I forgot the name of the boutique beside it!)

Usually, people go there in the morning. I did otherwise. I got there few minutes before 2PM. There were 20-30 people before me. A form is to be filled out so make sure you have a pen with you. It took 20 minutes only before I walked towards the counter.

STEP 1 – Payment

I paid P115 since my purpose is for local employment. There is a chart beside the counter that indicates the price for each purpose of application.

STEP 2 – Encoding

After paying, an employee is going to encode the data you have filled out in the form. There’s a monitor you can look at to verify the data encoded. Make sure to check it to avoid errors.

STEP 3 – Biometrics

Thank God, they did away with the black ink! No more hassle wiping those ink away from your fingers. First, fingerprints are going to be obtained via electronic finger sensor. Then, a photo is to be taken for the completion of the document.

Voila! In less than 2 minutes, I got my NBI clearance already. I can’t believe how fast the process was. Great improvement, we got there.


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