Four Years in the Making….


Freshman year! First Paskuhan! First to witness the amazing fireworks display. First horrible recitation with Ms. Estacio. First “siomai-basketball-auto” kwentuhan with Dr. Manapat.

In this class, I’ve met the truest people and the ones whom I can count on whatever happens.


Sophomore year! Still, a lot of firsts — new classmates, new professors, more challenging courses and first trip outside Luzon. Early on, the bitch family was conceived. New friends entered and Party Animals happened. Trip to Subic with the class was unforgettable! As well as my first 3.00 in Calculus. 😦


Junior year! I was enjoying school so much that I managed to juggle three things — studies, org stuff and different set of friends! This was the year when I felt happiest and saddest. This is when relationships deepened. Also, it was the time when I got to fly to Iloilo, my second trip outside Luzon.


Senior year. The culmination of everything. During this time, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. I almost surrendered during the first half but I managed to get by. PSE Academe Week – the fruit of our hard work during internship. Resigned from an organization. Survived thesis writing and defense. Caught up with an old friend. Entertained new ones. Bid goodbye to some. Stood up for what’s right. Lastly, I devoured on the experience of being a full-time student.


Off to the bigger world. HAPPY GRADUATION!!!


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