Every Cover But These…

Being a fan of Adele, I really do not appreciate singers, wanna-be singers or just anyone singing her songs. For me, her music is just untouchable. Amongst hundreds of them covers, here are a few exceptions.

Charlie Puth and Emily Luther singing Someone Like You. The blending of their voices gave me goosies with Emily’s deep voice and Charlie’s husky tone. This is a very bold cover with some notes and phrasing altered. But it paid off. Though it didn’t top Adele’s emotion, their take on it is pretty amazing.

Very seldom does Boyce Avenue produce a bad cover. This one’s very simple. It stick with the original melody with the inclusion of a very soft introduction which, by the way, I love! And the rest is just superb. Can’t say no more.

Janet Devlin from the X Factor UK! It sounds so original, don’t you think? What I love about this home video is her accent. It’s so authentic. Contrary to Adele’s very strong voice, at first I thought she won’t be able to pull this through. But her sweet voice and a little yodeling made a new sound for what seems like the song of the decade.


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