Month: June 2012

Adele (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)

Time to reward myself! I finally bought Adele’s concert at the Royal Albert f*cking Hall last night. My favorite part of the event was “Make You Feel My Love” and “Someone Like You”. The rendition of the first song was dedicated to the late Amy Winehouse. Adele asked everyone to light up the hall using their phones. It looked like a starry night sky. The next anthem was the penultimate song of the evening. For me, it was her most emotional performance of Someone Like You. I got teary-eyed when she tried to fight her own tears while singing the last chorus. She was struggling but didn’t manage to contain it at the end. The moment was priceless and the audience stood up and applauded her for THE vulnerable performance.

How I wish I could see her perform live! I’m praying to the high heavens that she’ll visit Manila soon. She’s an inspiration, indeed.

Enjoyed my Saturday night watching my favorite artist and munching on my favorite chips!