Their Versions of Our Own

I was getting a bit nostalgic about college as I watch the UST singers, dubbed as the Choir of the World, in YouTube. But here I am, blogging about an entirely different matter as I stumble upon these unbelievable performances of foreign choir groups singing our homegrown songs. There are a lot of ’em but here are a few stand-outs.

Ikaw Lamang – Infinito Singers

Bituing Walang Ningning – Infinito Singers

Good Lord! This gave me goosebumps! Fave part was when the tenors take over the soprano in the middle part of the song.

Ikaw – University Choir of Pardubice, Czech Republic (with Ateneo College Glee Club)

Paru-Parong Bukid – Zionsville Community High School Chamber Choir

I chuckled when I heard them sing, “… ng pakendeng-kendeng! Uy!

Bayan Ko – Libera

I really have to say that I got teary eyed with Libera’s Bayan Ko. This is my favorite! They kind of fired up my Filipino pride. I agree with one of the comments in the video that Filipinos are very hard to please “musically”. I seldom witness a standing ovation from the audience. I can’t blame the audience for the applause during the performance as some may think it’s rude or unethical. This song brings everyone back to a very defining moment in our history. Seeing them on their feet as the boys end the “unofficial national anthem” (got this from the video’s description) affirmed that they were hit straight to the heart by the heartwarming performance.

Great songs sung by great singers. Music is the only language that everyone understands. Hearing them foreign tongues sing the Filipino masterpieces made me proud. 🙂 But there’s nothing else like our own.

Limang Dipang Tao – UST Singers

Pangarap Ko ang Ibigan Ka – Philippine Madrigal Singers

Partida, nakaupo pa iyan! AMAZING!


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