Very Berry Hibiscus

Over the weekend, I thought about starting to blog about coffee shops and their beverages since it’s my thing. This isn’t the official start of it but, I guess, I gotta make a post regarding this new drink. I haven’t posted in weeks!

Even before my day started, I thought of buying myself a coffee smoothie from Chatime. It’s a block away from my workplace which is not that long a walk. But it rained! And it poured hard! So, I thought of splurging and just buy a Hojicha with Earl Grey Tea Jelly Frappuccino at Starbucks which is located in the building next to ours.

Little did I know that my favorite coffee shop launched their new beverages today! New non-frappuccino drinks named Cool Lime and Very Berry Hibiscus. Refreshing beverages! They don’t quite fit our local weather as it’s raining all day for the past few days! But it’s summer in the States so I guess that’s why they offered it now here in the Philippines. But a little cold drink in this season won’t hurt you, would it? 🙂

So, I tried Very Berry Hibiscus with green coffee extract and real blackberry fruits. I ordered the tall one for P115. I’m not a fan of sweet drinks. Well, lucky me it’s not that sweet. Of course, it’s got its fruity taste on it but it’s just right for my taste buds. But if you want it sweeter, ask your barista to add a little classic syrup. You gotta love it with more ice! I might as well try Cool Lime the next time I visit.

It’s a great alternative if you’re palpitating from ordering frappuccinos, lattes or macchiatos! Well, that’s why it’s called a refreshment, right? 🙂

Plus, I got a complimentary beverage at the store opening nearby! It pays to be a good customer!:) Go, try it and be refreshed!

(Branch I visited: Starbucks, Net Quad Bldg, 4th Avenue corner 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig)


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