It was my first time to go outside the country and I can say it was one hell of an adventure! Main destination for my 8-day vacation are the wonderful islands of Maldives. And since there is no direct flight from Manila to Male, we passed through Malaysia’s capital. And passing through included a day tour to the vast city of Kuala Lumpur and the UNESCO heritage site, Melaka.


After four hours of cloudy travel and almost turbulence-free flight, we landed on Kuala Lumpur around ten in the morning. We were met by my sister’s dear friend (who’s now based on Malaysia) and off we went to roam around the city. After about 30 minutes of bus ride from the airport, we arrived at KL Sentral and dropped our baggage to their lockers for rent. We paid RM 30 which secures our luggage until 12 midnight the next day. We then rode a train to go to Jalan Petaling where the famous Chinatown is located. There we had our US dollars exchanged for Malaysian ringgits. Also, we have tried the authentic curry mee. Under the scorching heat of the sun, I battled on to finishing my spicy meal. I was apprehensive at first as I’m not really a curry fan, but gave it a try anyways since this is a holiday and I don’t want to kill the buzz.


Food servings in Malaysia are a lot heftier than those available here in Manila. The three of us had a separate bowl of curry mee and while chowing it down, my sister and I have realized that one bowl was enough for us. Curry mee has everything — from tofu, string beans, chicken meat, noodles to coconut milk. It’s surprisingly delicious. Was sweating out the whole time but it’s really good.


After a very heavy lunch, we set off to wander around the streets of Kuala Lumpur. I got confused with the train and bus stations we were riding but after around an hour, we arrived at the Pavilion. Thank God for Neil (my sister’s friend), we didn’t get lost. Pavilion is a sophisticated mall with stalls of posh brands. We cooled down there and visited nearby shopping centers before treading down the path to the famous Petronas Towers.


From the end of the walkway (near Aquaria and the park in front of Suria LCC Mall), you can see the twin towers. I cannot take my eyes off of it. It was only in the mid-afternoon but the intimidating structure is definitely owning the city. But I’m not saying the other skyscrapers are not amazing (because they are!) One thing I instantly loved about the city is the range of the structurally different buildings surrounding it.





A few minutes before five in the afternoon, my feet are screaming at me! They hurt like hell from the non-stop walking. But I am still excited to see more. I didn’t mind the pain. I was so into absorbing everything I lay my eyes on. We’ve seen at least both the high-end and middle-class part of the metro so we traveled to the bus station going to Melaka. If I remember it correctly, we rode the Rapid KL (which is automatically maneuver — no physical person is driving the train while we’re at it) and then another one to reach the bus station.

We paid around RM 10 for our bus fare to Melaka. It  was a two-hour ride so it’s siesta time! We slept almost the entire travel. When I opened my eyes and checked the time, it was almost seven in the evening but the sun hasn’t set yet. How cool is that.


We arrived at the Melaka Sentral to ride another bus going to Melaka. It was such a bummer to see the Jonker Street empty. We were expecting to be welcomed by the night market but we were told that it’s only open during the weekends. We hunted for a restaurant to have our dinner before checking in to the guest house. My sister and I have a rule — what we eat should be something usually (if not only) found in the place we’re visiting. We did try McDonald’s the next day but that’s because we were in a hurry. 😉

As we were walking outside Dataran Pahlawan, we saw the Upin & Ipin restaurant (if you watch Disney channel, you know who they are). It was already around past ten in the evening and almost all stores are closing so we went in and order something to eat. Unsurprisingly (after the curry mee experience), the serving was very generous. I tried the BBQ Chicken paired with the highly recommended drink called Bandung which tasted like jasmine.




We called it a night after checking in at a guest house where we’re the only Asian guests. It was packed with European backpackers and I loved how down-to-earth those people were. There’s this hippie vibe in the receiving area of the house where Japanese writings were in frames and hanging on the walls, a billiard table, a book shelf, a bicycle rack are situated. We stayed at the third floor where there’s a view of the little city.


[Not a pro in photography. This is just me trying some editing app 😉 ]


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