MALDIVES 2014 [Day 1]

We flew to Maldives from Kuala Lumpur via Air Asia. The travel was four hours long, more or less. It was a transit flight with a stopover at Colombo, Sri Lanka. But we went straight to the beautiful republic of Maldives. No wonder why one of the passengers stood up even though we’re landing to take a peek at the beautiful atolls.



We arrived at the airport several minutes before clock strikes one in the afternoon. There’s a three-hour time difference between Kuala Lumpur and Maldives. The heat prickled on my skin as we walk our way outside the airport. But I immediately forgot about it the moment I laid my eyes on the unbelievable facade outside the airport.


We rode a speedboat to Male, capital of Maldives. From there, we road a ship (not sure what it’s called really) to Maafushi island. We were with the locals and some tourists too. After paying 30 MVR (or 2 USD), we sailed on to the island where we’ll be staying for four days.


After two hours of sea travel, we got to our destination. Maafushi is a local community. Low-rise houses are stacked on streets full of white sand. There’s a school a few steps from the dock and a series of beach houses and hotels are seen meters away from the calm beach.



We checked in at Arena Beach. Originally, we booked rooms at Arena Lodge but we got an upgrade since it’s under construction (not sure about this though as I was thinking of the room we’ll be checking in while the manager is discussing 🙂 ). Anyways, the room is lovely. Would’ve preferred a beach front room but having one in the back is cool too (for drying wet clothes 😛 ). The room has a contemporary vibe which I always like.


Our first day was dedicated mainly to settling in to the island and to relaxing after long hours of travel. In total, there were thirteen of us (most of whom I only met there). We had a long table for our candlelight dinner outside the hotel. Food wasn’t superb but it was tolerable.


I fell asleep as soon as my back hit the comfortable bed. I needed to catch up on sleep and regain energy for the days ahead.


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