I felt like I’ve slept for more than 12 hours when I woke up past seven in the morning the next day. We were served American breakfast – toast, eggs and hotdogs – with a side Indian twist – chapati, peas and beans in curry sauce. It was okay, enough to fill your tummy on a busy morning ahead. So we did.

photoThe sound of the waves in the nearby sea filling our ears added the flare that’s lacking in the food served. In no time, our feet we scrambling on the powdered sand towards the beautiful beach of Maafushi.

DSC_0457DSC_0454DSC_0452A few steps away from the shore, there’s a sand bank where our group took a lot of photos (profile, panorama and jump shots). There were a number of early swimmers and sunbathers. Some of us snorkel our way to greet the underwater good morning! Being a non-swimmer, I enjoyed basking in the heat of the Maldivian sun at the sand bank.DSC_0453DSC_0469DSC_0481DSC_0462DSC_0490DSC_0499DSC_0505DSC_0503

We went back to our room an hour before lunch to prepare for our little trip to a bigger sand bank farther away from Maafushi called Sexy Beach. We had a good time resting up and drying up our clothes. After lunch was served, we geared on to the nearby Maafushi Diving site to get our flippers (which I didn’t use) and life vests.



It took us 15-20 minutes to get to the Sexy Beach. Only one word popped into my head — magical! Imagine sailing through the deep blue Indian Ocean with an unobstructed view and seeing from afar a glowing turquoise enticing every boat rider to go its direction. It is only a few meters long with waves from both sides calmly wetting the finest sand I’ve ever seen!


I was afraid to jump off the boat to get to the Sexy Beach’s shore even though I have my life vest on. I don’t have a great control of my own body. Thank God for one local who helped me until my feet felt the sand. We stayed there for more than an hour and met up with another group of Filipinos who are also exploring the islands of Maldives. After the 45-minute dive our co-travelers did, we headed back to Maafushi just in time for the sunset.


Another day in Maldives well spent! I love how this vacation is a great mix of adventure and relaxation. We again had our candlelight dinner. Nightlife is not much of a thing in Maldives – alcoholic drinks are not allowed in local islands while those in the resorts are pretty much expensive.

After dinner, we headed back to our room and rested to prepare for another adventure waiting the next day!


Congrats to these four who went diving and saw the richness of Maldives underwater!



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  1. Saw your request on the community pool. Lovely pics, though it seems you had some help from the lovely location. One suggestion I’d make is that I noticed a lot of empty sky in your portraits and landscapes. While in some occasions that’s what you’d be going for, I feel your pics would have greater impact if you had the courage to lower the lens & have your subjects fill a larger percentage of your images. I don’t consider myself an “expert” but travel photography is a hobby. To see my pics you can check out the album at

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