MALDIVES 2014 [Day 4]

Today we bid adieu to the wonderful local island of Maafushi. But that doesn’t mean our vacation has ended! We boarded a speedboat and traveled for 45 minutes until we reach the resort island known as Fihalhohi.

DSC_0638DSC_0639We were welcomed by the unbelievable shades of blue in the shore. We stayed at a grand receiving area while we finalize a few things for our accommodation (hotel vouchers, ground rules orientation, etc.) We were surprised and amazed at the same time after we learned from the staff who welcomed us that the time in the island is an hour early compared to Maafushi. We left the local island at ten in the morning and arrived in Fihalhohi at ten, as well. It was less than an hour away!

photoWe checked in as soon as we got our keys! It was almost time for food to be served and we didn’t wanna go to the beach until after lunch. The room is very spacious with two single beds, a set of comfortable chairs and a coffee table, a mini refrigerator and a long table with a vanity mirror. The bathroom is quite large than I expected. It has a bathtub! Though I didn’t use it for that long. It crept me out. I don’t know why. Maybe because of the dim lights? The room is a bit old for my taste. I’d choose Arena Beach over this.


The resort’s management was kind enough to give us free lunch buffet that day. Yey! 😉 Most guests are European and we had a wide variety of food! From Italian to Asian to Mediterranean. After a few days of having a less-than stellar food choices, I was thankful to binge in the rich food Fihalhohi offered.

DSC_0647DSC_0648After lunch, we wandered through the island but kept a safe distance from the shore as the sun was still high. There are lots of birds (kingfishers and crows, I guess) flying around the island and realized how diverse and healthy the island still is.

DSC_0726DSC_0733DSC_0746It’s not hard to tell from the design and structure that the resort is quite old as compared to those we have seen but it’s quite admirable how they kept it as rich and organic as possible.

DSC_0665DSC_0680DSC_0687DSC_0697DSC_0704DSC_0705As compared to Maafushi, Sexy Beach and Picnic Island, the waves here were a bit strong. But the reefs are richer and the underwater life are much more present. I was enjoying the water a few feet deep and I saw a school of fish swimming with me. Water is not as clear as Maadhoo but it’s still breathtaking! We stayed in the water for a few hours before preparing for the sunset.

Photo from Winbird Shia

Photo from Winbird Shia

Photo from Winbird Shia

Photo from Winbird Shia

Photo from Winbird Shia

Photo from Winbird Shia

Photo from Winbird Shia

Photo from Winbird Shia

Photo from Winbird Shia

Photo from Winbird Shia

It was cloudy. As the sun was setting, not much color has bled through the sky. We witnessed the sunset by the water bungalows (which looks more beautiful in the photos than in reality). Accommodation in there is a few hundred dollars more expensive than the “comfort room” we had.

DSC_0675DSC_0710DSC_0712DSC_0770DSC_0778DSC_0785By nighttime, after feasting through the food, I stayed inside the room and read through my book. I thought we’d call it a day already until one of our buddies invited us to the bar and have a drink. It was a challenge walking in the sand with very little help from the solar-powered lights. We didn’t stay long and finally gave in to our bed’s call to dream land.

The next day, we took a few hours waiting for our speedboat from Maafushi going to Male. It was fine day. Strong wind has constantly made it cool as I sat by the edge of the viewing deck while I read through my book.

DSC_0808In general, I have some disappointments with the accommodation but the island has its natural beauty that transported all the negative vibes I had in the oblivion.


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