MALDIVES 2014 [Day 5]

After the long wait, we’ve boarded the speedboat we requested from Arena Beach back in Maafushi to bring us to Male, the island’s capital. It was definitely not a smooth ride! The waves became violent and we were almost jumping out of our seats! Thank God I had some mints with me or else I’d surely puke!

DSC_0823After so many bumps, I finally saw the city from afar. There are low rise buildings next to each other. It looks like Hunger Games’s Panem. We were dropped off in front of the airport. From there, we were fetched by the hotel’s service. It took us around twenty minutes which is situated at the back of the airport.

photo(1)This place doesn’t have much of a Maldivian vibe. Yes, the shore and the coconut trees are still seen from the end of the streets, but I didn’t feel like I’m in a tropical paradise. It’s not a bad thing. Quite amazed how they were able to develop such a place in a very limited space. Most shops are small and of the same size. Houses are low-rise buildings and roads are pretty paved. Surely, this place is gonna get better as years go by.


We originally booked rooms at the UI hotel. But we checked in at the newly opened Airport Comfort Inn which is owned by UI. The room has its contemporary tropical vibe. Same with Arena but less posh. The room smelled of fresh cut wood. We had a little bit of a problem in the first room we checked into as the air conditioner is not functioning. We were helped by the staff to move out and transfer to the next room which had a more perfect view of the beach.


Staff were great and friendly (not like in Fihalhohi). The only thing I didn’t like in our stay here, aside from the room’s scent which is understandable, is the smell of the water from the toilet bowl. It was foul. The place has a lot of improvements to do.

My sister and I sat the night city tour out as we just wanted to rest and spend the night catching up on White Collar. We had some decent Wi-Fi connection in the lobby.

The morning welcomed me with a lulling sound of the waves. It was hard to be on my feet! But the view outside our room is beautiful in its simplest way. We wasted no time and prepared for our flight back to Kuala Lumpur where we’ll be spending one last night before flying back to Manila.


We stayed at a place called Langit Langi, thirty minutes away from LCCT airport. I have one tip: Don’t book a room in this place. Staff members weren’t helpful. If you’re looking for a cheap hotel to stay in, maybe try Tune Hotels which is closer to the airport.

With little mishaps, this trip has been a blast! It’s my first time to go outside the country and I don’t know how my future trips would top this. My eight-day vacation ended with a big smile on my face (and burnt skin 😉 ). I surely will miss Maldives. There are still lots I haven’t seen and I am very much looking forward to try them out soon.

PS: I will make sure next time I visit the Maldives, I know how to swim!

Photo from Winbird Shia

Photo from Winbird Shia

Photo from Winbird Shia

Photo from Winbird Shia

Photo from Winbird Shia

Photo from Winbird Shia

Last three pics were actually the first time I tried jump shot 😉 These were taken at Picnic Island, my personal favorite of the places we’ve visited.


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