BALER 2014 [Day 2 – Part 2]

After an hour of surfing, we headed back to our car to plan our next stop. Instead of driving, we chartered two tricycles to bring us to Ditumabo falls or what they call, Mother Falls. It’s a 30-minute drive in the paved highway, another 15 to the dirt road and another 30 minutes by foot.

DSC_0228DSC_0233DSC_0238DSC_0239You need to be extra careful while trekking to the falls. There were a few bamboo bridges and a lot of wet stones to walk into. There are two pit stops where they sell food and drinks. Common food you see are grilled/boiled corn, barbecue, hard-boiled egg, coconut juice, Gatorade and water. No alcoholic drinks and cigarettes allowed.

I always joked around that the place felt like the arena for the Hunger Games and that I’m probably one of the first tributes to be killed. 😉

I lost track of time while treading the rocky uphill path to the falls. My feet hurt so bad I wanted to walk barefoot. Thank God for the cold water in the various streams we walked into.

DSC_0251DSC_0265DSC_0268DSC_0269DSC_0270DSC_0240DSC_0247I knew it would be worth the moment I heard the loud splash of water as it hit the pool below. Seeing the Mother Falls is magical. Mist is everywhere. I stayed in the middle of the stone bank while basking in the greatness of the place. Truly, Baler is a beautiful place!


I was hesitant to swim at first because no one would look after our things. But I didn’t wanna miss the opportunity so I left our bags where I can still see it from a distance. It’s not as deep as I thought it would be.

We left the falls a few minutes before lunch. We stopped in one of the small stores at the foot of the mountain. We hailed a tricycle to drive us to the parking lot where our chartered vehicle is waiting for us. We paid P100 per tricycle. Before finally taking a lunch break, we stopped by another falls, Caunayan. We paid P20. It wasn’t as magical as Ditumabo and the caretakers of the private resort are rude. We only spend ten minutes there before asking our drivers to take us back to the town.

DSC_0324We had lunch at the famous Gerry Shan’s located near Museo de Baler. If you’re driving along Quezon Highway, you can easily spot this place. It’s usually packed with a lot of people waiting for their tables. I can’t blame them. For only P185, you are in for a buffet with choices from fish, chicken, pork and veggies. There are also local delicacies and fresh fruits! After a very disappointing experience for the first two meals we’ve had, Gerry Shan’s definitely brought our appetite back!

We’re full and still eager to see more of Baler. It’s already around 2PM. We still have some places in our itinerary which we haven’t visited yet. So we drove away and look for Ermita Hill and Diguisit Rock Formations.


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