BALER 2014 [Day 2 – Part 3]

We left Gerry Shan’s happy and capped it off with chocolate ice cream from Alfonso’s which is just on the other side of the road. At last, a decent meal with a not-so-bad service for a cheap price. We drove to Ermita Hill to see the province from atop. The extensive shore line and the unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean. Photos would’ve been better with fluffy clouds. But during the course of our trip, the sun has been shying away which in a way, is a good thing.


From the viewing deck, we went down to look for the Tromba Marina statue. This commemorates the family of survivors of the tsunami which hit Aurora in the early 19th century. It was on the way to Diguisit Rock Formations so a quick stop has been good. We didn’t stay long as we’re kind of in a rush. We need to finish off our itinerary and wash up before 7PM for our dinner reservation.


Another ten minutes drive to Diguisit Rock Formation. It’s a long stretch. We initially stopped somewhere near a first aid tent. Three from our group have climbed up to the near falls. Actually, I’ve seen at least three falls in Diguisit. One is all dried up. The water flows under the paved road and to the rock formations on the other side. We drove a few meters to see the large stones which has been the highlight for me. We paid P20 for the entrance fee. These rock formations are indeed wonders of nature. I cannot describe enough how much I was in awe of them.

DSC_0353DSC_0356DSC_0371DSC_0368DSC_0372DSC_0383DSC_0397DSC_0375At around 5:45 PM, we retreated to our base to shower and prepare for our dinner. We arrived at the Pavilion Bar and Grill at 7:15PM. Given our short history with Baler’s service, I was quite nervous that we won’t get our reservation. I was glad to be escorted to our table as soon as we arrived. It hasn’t been a minute of joy when we saw a table for four. There’s five of us. I’ve been specific the past day about it. So we asked the waiter to add another table to fit us all. But he said that there’s no available one. I thought I know where this dinner is going.

When we asked him again as to what he can do to ensure we’re all accommodated in our dinner table, he just shrugged. Pavilion Bar and Grill is not a typical eatery in Quezon Street. It’s not like Bay’s Inn with buffet. It’s one of the, if not the only, fine dining restaurants we’ve seen in Baler. It actually reminded me of our hotel in Maafushi, Maldives. The outside dining experience with the sound of the waves and live reggae/indie band in the background. Add a bonfire to make the beach experience complete. So we never expected that kind of attitude from them. It’s a good place but has the worst service ever. I thought nothing could beat the previous day’s experience. This definitely bagged the prize! In the end, we squeezed ourselves in to a square table. Thank God for the live band which at least eased our disappointment and rage.

DSC_0406DSC_0411They have very few food choices. Waiting is not two hours 😉 . Our food arrived after thirty minutes, as promised. We spent around P1,300 for food that’s good for five. We didn’t stay long after finishing our food. We called it a night early as our bodies are too tired for a long day’s adventure.

It has been a great day, in general. I’m just not sure what’s with Baler and their food service. It seems like everywhere we go, there’s an issue when it comes to them providing their tourists a hearty meal after a day’s full of activities.


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