Day: April 27, 2014

BALER 2014 [Day 3]

It’s our last day in Baler. Our morning didn’t start as early as the past day. With no breakfast, we drove back to Sabang Beach for my buddies’ last surfing session.


I was taking lots of random photos of people enjoying the waves…


…and look at what my lens captured. I didn’t know that he’s there until after my work friend told me. Dennis Trillo is a local TV an movie personality known for period movie, Aishite Imasu.

DSC_0466Since we’re checking out at lunch, we had an early meal at the nearby Bayler View Hotel. At last, a very delicious meal with good service! As soon as we occupied our table, the waiter brought us glasses of water. They have extensive choices of food and the waiter helped us picked what’s best to order. In under 25 minutes, we’re enjoying our tasteful food. We spent a little more than a thousand pesos for this meal. But it was worth it – great food, good staff and a beautiful view. Just try and be at the place early as it gets packed during lunch and dinner. They do not accept reservations.

I recommend Bagoong Balayan rice, adobong pusit and calamares. 🙂

We left the place happy (which has been very rare for the past few days) and drove back to Carlito’s Inn to prepare for check-out. It was already 11:30 in the morning. Surprisingly, no one called to remind us to check-out. So we took our time and finally left the place at around 1:30 in the afternoon.

Before finally leaving the province, we took a detour at the famous Millennium tree. It’s a century old Balete tree which is being flocked by a lot of tourists. We paid P10 for entrance fee. Only took a few photos and then we left.

DSC_0500DSC_0502DSC_0512DSC_0520DSC_0530It was Easter Sunday and we are anticipating heavy traffic in NLEX. We were monitoring the situation via Twitter and Waze. While we wait for the roads to clear up, we included a side tour to Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. I will write a separate blog post for that. 😉

To cap Baler 2014 off, it’s been a rough journey. Did I enjoy it? Sure. Baler is naturally beautiful. There are still some major improvements that need to be done so this can be a tourist-friendly spot. This series of blog posts about my vacation is not to bash and single out the things I found bad in Baler. It’s just an honest recollection of my experience. Hopefully it gets better soon.

To help those who plan to go to Baler, here’s something to read:

Accomodation – Unless you want to drive going to the beach or ride a tricycle, you can try the cheap accommodation at Carlito’s Inn. But if you want to hear the ocean’s waves first thing in the morning, book a room at Costa Pacifica.

Food – This is easy. I only have two restaurants to recommend – Gerry Shan’s and Bayler View Hotel’s restaurant! You can also try the Rolling Stores but it’s not very different from Manila’s carinderias. Don’t eat at Trencher’s and Pavilion Bar & Grill (though the live band is pretty good).

Surfing – Mahdox (along Sabang Beach) or Aliya

Places to Visit – Diguisit Rock Formations, Ditumabo Falls (you can skip the other smaller falls, they’re not as good as the Mother falls), Museo de Baler, Millennium Tree

Make sure to bring lots of extra patience with you when you travel to Baler! But more importantly, enjoy the waves!! 🙂