Ilocos 2014 [Part 3]

It has been a while since the last time I fell asleep while watching TV. After a very long day roaming around the towns of Ilocos Norte and visiting places which left us all in awe, I found myself lying in the bed, resting my tired body and gearing up for yet another day full of adventure!

Day 3 – Vigan

The first half of our day was preciously spent in the beach. We took a few selfies and enjoyed the water as much as we can because we’ll be checking out before lunch time. Our next destination is Vigan, the tourist in the south of Ilocos province. Since we’re all for adventure and did not hire a van or any private service to get us to the places we wanted to go, it took us 4-5 hrs to reach Vigan from Pagudpud.

A good 45 minutes was dedicated to our tricycle ride from the hidden paradise of Casa Consuelo to Pagudpud Town Proper. From there, we rode an ordinary bus to take us to Laoag. The trip back to the capital took 2 hrs as expected. From the terminal, we hailed another tricycle to the nearby Partas Bus station which will take us to Vigan. Another 2 hrs on the road (but in an airconditioned bus, at last!)

The city has welcomed us with bustling people moving about, going to different places at once. I initially felt like I was back in Manila but when I looked around – seeing the rich Hispanic influence in the architecture – it definitely made me go back to where I am and immediately started to enjoy this last leg of our vacation.

We stayed at Grandpa’s Inn, a stone’s throw away from the famous Calle Crisologo. To fully enjoy our Vigan adventure, we chose this old-fashioned hotel with thick brick walls and enormous paintings and statues. It was a bit creepy at first – mostly when the stairs creaked (but this is part of the experience!) and the heavy wooden floors with a few cracks.

DSC_0419DSC_0420DSC_0421DSC_0422DSC_0424DSC_0425DSC_0477After settling in our room, we headed out for an early dinner. One of the most visited restaurants in Vigan is Cafe Leona. It is situated at the one end of the long and busy Calle Crisologo. Since we failed to try Pinakbet Pizza when we were in Paoay, it was the first in our list! Surprisingly, it tasted good. A must-try! We spent around P700, good for 3.

DSC_0434 DSC_0430DSC_0431DSC_0432After a very satisfying meal, we hustled into the bricked street. We were walking among other tourists and some horse-drawn carriages. No signal was needed, with shops open next to each other selling miniature wind mills, bags locally made, pashminas, t-shirts and table runners, I knew it’s time to bring out our wallets and buy pasalubongs!

DSC_0429We lost track of time but as soon as the sun set, the lights which flickered on the stalls gave Calle Crisologo a new vista. Somehow I felt like I went back in time – when everything is so laid back and it’s not like you’re always running out of time.

DSC_0453DSC_0438In between shopping, we bought a pineapple-flavored ice cream in one of the vendors. It’s quite new to my taste buds but it was good. Never thought pineapple would be a perfect flavor for an ice cream.


After we’re through, I tugged my friends to try Vigan’s Coffee Break. I searched for a Starbucks branch but it seems they have closed a few years back. We stayed at Coffee Break for an hour or so before retreating to our hotel room.

DSC_0461DSC_0472DSC_0471It was a full day! The next day, we experienced Vigan in the morning and see different places in our carriage!DSC_0469DSC_0466



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