Off from Work

7 working days + 2 weekends = 11 days away from my work. This has been the longest break I’ve had since I graduated from college. I missed slacking. 🙂 I missed being carefree. But it was different this time. My being ‘carefree’ entailed a lot of expenses that surely hurt my income and savings. But hey, it was all worth it.

My checklist of things have changed as I shifted to a new environment. I earn my own money now which means I have control over it. There were a lot of things going in my head when this vacation was approaching. I should go see the American Idol Live! Tour 2012. I did last year so I thought of continuing what I started. But something I don’t know kept holding me back. And I thought it was a bit overpriced. Let’s go to Vigan! No time to plan it. Besides Mama doesn’t like long trips. I swore to myself that the first trip I’m gonna have with my earnings would be with my family.:) Why not try the beaches in Batangas? I was so dying to go to Acuatico! But it was too expensive for me. Plus my sister just got back from her Asian tour. I have to shoulder all the expenses. Every idea of going out of town did not materialize. I don’t wanna shock myself financially plus my body was screaming to just relax and spend more time sleeping.

I did stay in, most of the time. But it did not involve much of snoozing. I spent my days catching up with TV shows, reading books and going out with friends. At the first night of my vacation, I watched a few episodes of True Blood 5. But I was drawn in to finishing the first season of Touch. I was simply in awe with how intelligently this series is written! And I found myself literally in tears in its penultimate episode.

Photo from Seriable

Also, I bought my own original DVD copy of Supernatural 1! My sister and I are so hooked with the storyline the Winchester brothers got themselves tangled into so we decided to start collecting the series (just like with The Vampire Diaries) 🙂

And since it was 11 days dedicated to relaxation, I did start with a new show to watch! It’s a legal drama entitled Suits which follows the story of the best closer in New York, Harvey Specter and the lawyer who didn’t go to law school, Mike Ross.

Photo from IMP Awards

And I’m proud to say that I’m already done watching its 22 episodes! Couch potato-ing at its best!:D Now, I have to wait til January for the continuation of Season 2.

Aside from filling up my mind of different plots, I also had time to hang out with my friends. Given my not-so-normal work schedule, it was a bit hard for me to see them so I grabbed this chance to spend time with ’em. I went out with college/OJT mates and celebrated a pre- and post- birthday at Johnny Rockets in Burgos Circle! Then I went to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower with a co-GIP trainee last Friday. That movie was awesome! It may have strayed a bit from the book but it’s forgivable (for the screening time’s sake). And last, I got to spend late lunch with the longest college friends I have just days before my vacay ends. Nothing beats the company of old people who knows you inside out.

But the core of this vacation was really the time spent with myself and with my family. I found this very exclusive place where I spent most of my afternoons looking at the Makati skyline. It was the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch at the Two E-com Prism Plaza.

Photo from SM Land

CBTL is situated on the right of the fountain if you’re standing from the viewpoint of the picture above. Opposite the view you can see in the coffee shop is the vast waters of the Manila Bay. What completes the experience here is the strong wind that really takes away the stress!

Plans may have not materialized, yet I can say that I enjoyed this vacation. As short as it was, I had enough time for myself, my family and friends. Til next year since I only had this privilege once in twelve months.:)


Tongue-in-Cheeks in Between!

Happy birthday, Alyza (@alyzabp)!

So last Saturday, I went out with my college friends for a post-birthday celebration. Headed to MOA and took advantage of the end of quarter sale (bought a Maldita shirt for P300 only!). Esprit-filled, I went around the mall, took a halt at Fully Booked and bought my friend Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational, the one I promised to buy her back in college!

Fin’lly, they all came and we had our very late lunch at Racks! What we’re gonna do next is unplanned yet and nobody really made a fuss out of it and so we just let time pass as we enjoy our premium boneless pork cuts. Then, we went to Greenbelt with my kontrabida personality on. Since Call It Spring in Rob Manila and Resorts World have already disappointed me, we visited their GB branch (but no, this is not really the reason, really it’s because @^#%!) 😀 What happened next should not be written because %^#%@! Haha!

Then, we hit the movies to see Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter. We were occasionally jumping from our seats! We were sitting in the second row and seemed like all their faces were zoomed just like my Twitter DP! Okay, but we didn’t really talk about it afterwards.

It’s a bit forgettable, I must say. It was a good food for the eyes while you’re inside the cinema but it lost its magic the moment you step out.

I shared the cab with Aly going home. It was still an early night so we decided to visit her unit in Raya since I haven’t been there before. We called Da and invited him over for a pizza night but it took hours of looooong talks until we made a deal. So the bottom line? We went back to Makati and stayed in Da’s pad, ordered pizza, talked about the relationship between crunchy cockroaches and reflex, etc.!

What this day proved? I can be very pushy :D, I have a “rare” common sense, LAW OF ATTRACTION and #kep!

Missed these guys so much after long weeks of working! Looking forward to the next hop!:)


Say hi to Cackles. The new member of our iPod family. My sister graced it with the name.

So, the pic above shows our iPod Touch 3rd generation named iTouchiwa, iPod Shuffle 3rd generation named iPoding Bading and the new member of the pack, Cackles! Sad, Ramonay (iPad 1st generation) is not at home. It’s with my father in Abu Dhabi.

More music. More fun!


10 days. Been part of the working class for exactly 10 days now. It’s not very easy to adjust but I’m enjoying. So far. I guess what they say is true that the corporate world is very much different from the academe, that really, it is a jungle out there.

In just over a week,  I have already familiarized myself with the daily load of work I need to master in a span of one month. It’s not very easy to do as it requires a lot, should I say, tons of analytical skills and professional ethics. It’s a big challenge, in all honesty. Though I am a graduate of a degree that involves knowledge on the field I am in now, it’s no guarantee that what I am equipped with is enough.

Errors. I have committed a lot for the past ten days. I feel pressured of doing better next week and for the coming weeks and months.

Perfection. That’s what I need. With proper focus and consistent inclination to what I do, I’m sure I could ace everything soon.

Errors are good. It challenges you to be better, to do better. But learning should always follow.

The Pilgrimage Continues…

The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas has been my second home for four years. It stood witness for my transformation from being a young lad to a full-grown man. The portals of this university has seen me celebrate my successes and weep for my failures. It has been a place where I met people whom I trust and love the most aside from my family. But, the moment has come for its inevitable end. Today, I bid goodbye to my alma mater as a student.

All I have is gratitude. I have endless thanks, of course, to God. I may not always be present at His Sunday gathering, but still, faith runs through my veins. I salute my parents for doing everything just to provide us with quality education and a safe home to sleep in.

Also, I give thanks to my ever-supportive sisters who’ve been too kind to give me what I need and want. To the Catholic University of the Philippines, UST, thank you for the values you have imparted and for the culture you have inculcated in each and every graduate. Sure not to miss my professors – those who gave a damn to teach and not. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! With or without action, you gave us something. To my few friends, I owe you a lot for keeping up with all of my crankiness and bitchiness! I’m luckier to have you, guys.You know who you are. If you’re doubting, then you’re not one of them. To everyone who played a part in my college life and made me who I am today, thank you!

Personally, it’s important for me to say “Thank you.” before I leaf open another chapter. The summit I reached today is not a one-man job. Rather, it’s a compilation of impacts from a lot of people. Showing gratitude is a sign of humility. So let me also take this opportunity to be sorry for every bit of wrong choice of words or actions that offended anyone inside and outside my circle (and those in between). Being grateful of what has happened is a tool that everyone should have in order to move forward.

Regrets, I have none. I know I have lose some, but what I gain is better, greater. The promise of a good future is always before us. What makes it better is the way we perceive it, the way we work it out. They say, in every end, there’s a beginning. Well, I say…

The pilgrimage continues…

“The circle of life

It moves us all

Through despair and hope

Through faith and love

Until we find our place

On the path unwinding

In the circle of life


I am a proud Neo-Centennial Thomasian graduate of Bachelor of Arts Major in Economics! I’m ready to step into my new shoes as I’m off to the bigger world.

Featured image is obtained from the UST Museum website.