TV Series


The Philippine premiere of Fox’s Mobbed on Star World is more than a year later than its US debut. I am so fascinated with flash mobs! I was so amazed the first time I saw it on Oprah with The Black Eyed Peas performing their hit “I Gotta Feeling”.

But what’s good with the reality show Mobbed is that it presents the preparation and the story behind the dance. I can’t think of any word to describe their pilot episode. I can’t stop laughing when the police officer started singing while the girl’s crying. Like, WTH? Watch. 🙂

***Flash mob was also featured in the movie Friends with Benefits starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis and in one episode of Modern Family.


X Factor USA Final 3 [Performance Night]

Chris Rene vs Melanie Amaro vs Josh Krajcik

I honestly did not expect any of these three to be up in the finals! I always thought that Drew is the clear winner, or maybe Rachel Crow. Yet, I found myself not disappointed in last week’s results. Tonight, the battle started for the $5-million contract. And I must say, I found it a bit short and boring for a final performance night.

I didn’t feel much of the intensity of the competition with only two songs in their playlists (the first one was a duet with established artists). For a regular performance night, I might be saying otherwise. But, c’mon! This is the final performance night! All the excitement were washed away after seeing the contestants got drowned in the presence of Alanis Morrisette, Avril Lavigne and R. Kelly. But I liked Cirque du Soleil’s intermission number with the promotion of their Michael Jackson’s Immortal tour.

Afterwards, each of the contestants sang their audition pieces. Josh Krajcik’s At Last was stellar. His voice did not fail to give me chills (as well as the look in his eyes whenever he hit the high notes :D). Chris Rene’s Young Homie was moving as always. Melanie Amaro’s Listen was unclean. I felt the strain in her voice as she reached for the highest notes. But then again, for me, the night wasn’t able to fully convey the importance of the event. Yes, the energy of the judges and the crowd was over the top. But I don’t think it penetrated much for those who were watching at home.

But, in general, I really find the show interesting and a lot better than American Idol. It’s anybody’s game. Whoever wins deserve it. But, I personally like to see Josh Krajcik bring home the bacon. Among them, he was the one without drama. No overcoming from addiction or being rejected at first shiz. Just pure talent. But I support them all! Kudos to each one of them. And may the singer who got the real x-factor win!