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Book 2 of any trilogy is crucial. It’s both the sequel and the penultimate part of the saga. Its main goal is to deepen the story and introduce more secondary characters to widen the world we’ve been crazy about on Book 1. But sometimes, diving on to the back stories and supplying more conflict can either be boring or overwhelming.


Catching Fire, second installment from The Hunger Games trilogy is neither. It’s just right for my dystopian palate. After reading the book twice, I finally got a chance to see the much-awaited movie today and it was really awesome! The action, the drama and the twists are a notch higher than the first one but not over-the-top. You will cry, shout, chuckle and even get all jittery as Katniss and Peeta sojourns through all the districts for their Victory Tour ending with the re-entrance to the arena for the 75th Hunger Games/ 3rd Quarter Quell.

As an avid fan of the book, I am generally happy with the adaptation. Of course, there are scenes omitted (but for a good reason — preparation for Mockingjay) and the ones retained are closest to the original text in the book! I was even quietly going through some lines myself while in the movie house as they say some familiar lines (ie. Haymitch’s “stay alive” advise to Katniss at the eve of the Games). I am also amazed with how accurate most of the new characters are with the book’s description. I find the actors who played Mags, Johanna, Wiress, Plutarch and Thread perfect for their roles! I am not a big fan of Sam Claflin playing as Finnick. He’s fine in the movie though but I’d like to see somebody else playing his role.

I am at the edge of my seat in the duration of the film. Even during the quietest moments of it, I can feel the tension of what’s going around. There’s so much more to tell and I am happy and satisfied by how much of it was told in the 2 plus hours of the film.

Best movie I have seen this year!

Here’s the trailer:


Hungry for The Hunger Games

March 22 in Philippine cinemas!:)

Three days from now, I’ll be seeing Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark and the rest of The Hunger Games cast in full swing! Excited is an understatement of what I’m feeling! I have read the book twice already. I watch the trailers over and over again. Surely, I’ll be one of those fans who’ll be lining up on the first screening of this amazing story.


Here are snippets of the movie from The Hunger Games Movie YouTube channel:

The Hunger Games Trilogy

Okay, so I was a bit unsatisfied with the trailer the VMA’s has shown for The Hunger Games. It only lasted for a minute and an extra 5 seconds. Well, at least I got a peek of the arena and of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in action. I barely slept a wink just to catch the first teaser. So, yeah. A bit unsatisfied but the yearning to see more really increased!

I went to the mall after watching to have lunch and do some personal grooming with my older sister. While waiting for her and since I’ve been talking her into buying me the last book of the trilogy, Mockingjay, I looked into it at the bookstores. Luckily, I found a very reasonable price for the book set in paperback. There were only two sets in display so we bought one after she was finished in the salon.

I was seriously hugging the set while strolling! Last time I’ve been like this was during the Harry Potter books peak. I’m just waiting for March 2012 to see the first installment in the silver screen. I do hope that it would not stray much from its roots since Suzanne Collins, the author, plays part in the making of this yet another milestone in Hollywood.

Hunger Games [SNEAK PEEK]

Guilty as charged! I so love the Hunger Games. I actually just finished the second book, Catching Fire. See, this Suzanne Collins’ piece of work is a trilogy — Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I thought of Google-ing for the trailer of the first installment since its movie adaptation is due on March. At the same time, I tweeted about how much I wanna see the sneak peek. Just in time, @TheHungerGames has retweeted tweets from @mtvnews as the first EVER official sneak peek of the much awaited movie is going to be featured at this year’s Video Music Awards! It’s already Aug 29, 5 hours before the anticipated star-studded awards night! I seriously can’t wait to see it! Here’s the teaser from MTV:

I’ve been meaning to write a book review about the Hunger Games but I still haven’t drafted any since I’m trying to attack a different approach. 🙂