Month: July 2011

Plate of the Day!

Happy Sunday!

This is my favorite from Cafe France, Spaghetti Pomodoro (half) and Egg Salad. It tastes as exquisite as it looks for a cheap price. Sorry for the quality of the picture, I only took it using my phone. But, you should try it! Okay, so now, with my tummy fueled up, I’m ready to face my thesis! šŸ™‚


30 Seconds to Mars in MANILA!

Last night was epic! It’s a bit surreal seeing Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic in person. It’s my first time going to a rock concert. The other two I attended were Boyce Avenue and Bruno Mars. It’s a hell of a night, seriously. I kinda lost my reservations and found myself raising my hands and singing along great songs of the band with the crowd.

I went to Trinoma with my sister and a friend. I ditched the last class (which is from 3PM-6PM) so we could avoid the rush hour going to Trinoma. We were able to ride a cabĀ when the rain started pouring hard. It’s Friday and raining, what should we expect? HEAVY TRAFFIC. The cab almost crawled from Magallanes to Cubao as we were taking the EDSA stretch. We reached Trinoma a few minutes after 6PM andĀ had dinner before entering the grounds.

Local band, Kjwan, was the front act of the concert. I was not able to really pay that much attention because this was the time we were getting wet.The heavens areĀ pouring heavily on us and I was starting to get worried about how we are gonna enjoy the show if we’re soaking. Rain coats are being sold for P200 each. And yeah, we got the pink ones!

We waited in the middle of the rain for more than 30 minutes. The crowd went gaga when Ā the band finally started playing, commencing the main show with Escape! I was standing in a tiptoe. Swear to God, I wished I had a longer neck! ‘Twas the start of the madness! The band played back-to-back their greatest songs. I was really astounded when Jared sang the acoustic version of Hurricane and The Kill! It was so pure and sincere. The lights were fuckin’ amazing! The strobes really did the trick during Night of the Hunter. Flickering, it lit the whole concert hall and then, BOOM! It all went out but the spotlight directing to Jared Leto. Man, that was hardcore! Still, Closer to the Edge gave me chills. I knew then that it would be the final song. But my sister and I thought that it would be impossible for them to not sing Kings and Queens. The audience, screamed for it! They chanted Kings and Queens until Jared hit back the stage. Gold ticket holders were so damn lucky! Some of them were given the chance to stay in the stage together with the band while performing the last song of the evening.

The rain did not make it worse. Rather, it made the show even more spectacular. It was like the rain washed all of our reservations and inhibitions. The drizzle just before the closing of the show appeared to be the natural confetti for the best show I’ve ever watched. It was indeed a night to remember! And definitely, it won’t be the last!

Filipinos with Jared Leto


Here’s the MV of Closer to the Edge. Get a feel of being in a 30 Seconds to Mars concert!