Month: April 2012


10 days. Been part of the working class for exactly 10 days now. It’s not very easy to adjust but I’m enjoying. So far. I guess what they say is true that the corporate world is very much different from the academe, that really, it is a jungle out there.

In just over a week,  I have already familiarized myself with the daily load of work I need to master in a span of one month. It’s not very easy to do as it requires a lot, should I say, tons of analytical skills and professional ethics. It’s a big challenge, in all honesty. Though I am a graduate of a degree that involves knowledge on the field I am in now, it’s no guarantee that what I am equipped with is enough.

Errors. I have committed a lot for the past ten days. I feel pressured of doing better next week and for the coming weeks and months.

Perfection. That’s what I need. With proper focus and consistent inclination to what I do, I’m sure I could ace everything soon.

Errors are good. It challenges you to be better, to do better. But learning should always follow.